so what makes ima

ima, and not just another company?

the ima way.

we are ima
the alternative sushi company
for the everyday
for the everyday activists
for the worldchangers

challenge the conventional
sushi way

ima is here to rebel against the usual sushi company.  when you choose ima, you know you are helping the planet because we are 100% vegan so all the amazing fish are still in the ocean. this means there really will be plenty of fish in the sea. go you! 

the ocean's business is our business.
make it yours.

we’re friends of the ocean. it makes sense for us at ima, because sushi comes from the ocean but plastic sushi containers and soy sauce tubs are polluting the ocean. we want to change this. that's why we  use sugar cane trays which are 100% biodegradable!

join us to be the change. together, we can keep our planet clean.


can sushi change the world?

we’re not a perfect company but we promise to do our best for the world. we'll be honest though, there's still so much for us to improve but you can count on us for working on it! little by little we can change the world. for biodegradable trays to be the norm. for fish-free sushi to be the norm. 

join us. be the change our planet needs, big or small. it starts with you.

we’re for the everyday believers. the activists. the worldchangers, big or small.  you’re basically

‘o-fish-ally’ an ima legend. #imaworldchanger 

the little
ima kitchen

welcome to the ima family. everything we make at ima is made from our kitchen at home, no big ima sushi factory! each and every sushi piece is made straight from our hands by our founder, jessica and her dad. rolled. sliced. no machine. just hand rolled using a traditional bamboo mat from when jessica rolled her first sushi when she was just 6 years old!

we hope you love it, Jessica and dad. 

what is 'ima'?

ima /ˈimɒ/ 今:  now.

ima means now. in japanese of course! it was our idea to create vegan sushi that is in keeping with our climate now. back when sushi was invented, nobody was talking about big words like sustainability, but we are now because it’s important to all of us. so what we are doing at ima is reinventing and redefining sushi for the present,
the now

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